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Meet Tasha!

Tasha has experience as a Enterprise Change Coach within Corporate IT environments for the past several years of her career. She always has been drawn to assisting others navigate their life experience. She has felt there was something missing for quite some time and has found a way to channel her strengths helping folks just not in a corporate setting.  Being a dancer for 16 years of her life and using this as a healing modality, Sound therapy was intriguing to her and has helped her overcome her own trauma. Tasha is RYT200, a Certified Sound and Vibrational Therapy Practitioner and certified in Usui Reiki Second Degree. She has been practicing Reiki healing and has found her niche with integrating sound healing and intuitive readings.

 If you need a positive, energetic and caring Reiki/Sound/Vibrational Therapist, please don’t hesitate to reach out to find out how she can help you restore and revitalize yourself.


Meet Kylie!


Kylie is an educator by day and a life long lover of music and sound. She is Usui Reiki II attuned and is really excited to join Three Little Lunas to spread some healing vibrations and energy. Kylie will be hosting healing circles and joining in on sound journey's and other events in the future!

Meet Kelly!


Kelly’s day job consists of being a Licenced Independent Social Worker who provides mental health therapy for children and adolescents. But the healing does not stop there! Kelly has found a love and passion for providing healing services for all ages. Here at Three Little Lunas, Kelly is Usui Reiki II attuned and has options of adding different sound and vibrational healing modalities to reiki sessions. Kelly will also be joining Three Little Lunas for events as well. Coming soon, Kelly will be providing options for individual hypnotherapy sessions as she is completing her Certified Hypnotherapist Certification in September, stay tuned. 


Why seek out Hypnotherapy? 

Hypnotherapy is another truly amazing way to start healing yourself from within. Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious mind, which is 90% of the mind, and gives us direct access to the source of the issues rather than having to engage in weeks of talk therapy to find the source. As a Hypnotherapist I will help guide you to a state of relaxation, quieting the conscious mind, and accessing your unconscious mind. Studies have shown that you can reach better results within 6 hypnotherapy sessions than you can in 22 talk-therapy sessions. Hypnotherapy is said to be more efficient and effective as it helps you get to the core of what needs healing.

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