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Sound/Vibrational Therapy

Sound Therapy has a core place in ancient civilizations, enhancing balance on an emotional, physical, spiritual and mental level. The vibrations penetrate at a cellular level to break up any energy blockages that the body is holding onto, think of it like a massage but from the inside, working through those tense muscles and energy blockages allowing release to happen and energy to begin flowing again. On a scientific level the waves when played together with a variety of instruments can slip your body into a state of “awake sleeping” which will activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Healing of the body is able to take place when your body is in this state and this welcomes a sense of undeniable calmness and relaxation. A Sound/Vibrational Therapy Practitioner will utilize several instruments within a session to achieve maximum comfort and space for healing to take place.

For more information on Sound healing and its benefits, here is an article from Cleveland Clinic:


“The greatest wealth is health”


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Virtual Options Available

Not local to the Mid-west? Virtual options are available for Reiki and Readings!

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